This is our dog heaven - Grenadier Island, located on Pigeon Lake, in the Kawarthas.

Thanks to friends and relatives, our fur kids spend most of the summer months at the cottage. Every new addition to our family spends their first eight weeks here and then is eased into city life at our home in Toronto.

This is truly dog heaven. Grenadier Island is a long skinny island with only six families - and every one of them dog loving people. The island is surrounded on all sides by clean, shallow water with a sandy bottom for about 50 feet out. There are bullrushes between the swimming areas that attract fish, ducks and birds. And there are kids for the fur kids to play with when they feel like it. Not bad for a doggie camp.

At home in the city, the "kids" run the house - and our lives - and we wouldn't have it any other way. We have just completed a renovation that included an additional door to the outside from the second floor so there is a quicker way out to chase the squirrels now.

Our goal at Grenadier Labrador Retrievers is to participate in breeding programs that will better the breed through remarkable temperment, health, conformation and smarts. We believe in all-rounded Labradors - ones that are a loving companion as part of a family, able to hunt and able to compete in obedience trials and the show ring.

Our stud dogs are OFA clear for hips and elbows and eyes clear of genetic defects.


Bing is now an Obedience Trial Champion!

Welcome Ch. OTCH Corhampton's Royal Grenadier JH WCI. Bing completed his first Utility leg on Friday, 7 March 2008, his second on Friday, 25 April 2008 and his third on Sunday, 14 September 2008. Within six months, and with a limited number of trials, Bing completed his OTCH! Way to go Bing! And yes, he has kept up his trademark enthusiasm and had the crowd cheering from him on the completion of his OTCH.

Bing passed his WCI test!

With Bing's trademark enthusiasm, he passed his Working Cerficate Intermediate test on 14 June 2007. The judges were Shelly Blom and Jill Richardson. Judges and spectators alike were entertained watching the boy run. During this test, the dog must watch two birds being "shot" down on land, retrieve them one at a time (remembering where they both landed) and then do an "honour". During the honour, the dog must sit beside his handler, watch the next dog do one of their retrieves and then leave quietly when told they can do so. They then repeat the "double" retreive in water.

Bing has completed all three legs for his CDX title!

Bing passed his second Open leg under Judge: Sharon Smith on 11 November 2006. He then passed his third Open leg under Judge: Jo Ann Pavey on 3 December 2006 to complete his CDX title!

Bing gets his first CDX leg at the Kennebecasis Obedience Club show in St. John, NB on 22 August 2006!

Bing passed his first Open leg under Judge: James Ham. In doing so he received the Highest Qualifying Score in Class and the Highest Qualifying Score by a Labrador Retriever - getting his name put on the Toll House Cookie Memorial Plaque. Check out the pictures under Our Boys - Bing!

Bing wins the Versatility Award at the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada Nathional Specialty show in Fredericton, NB on 20 August 2006!

Bing won the Versatility Award for competing in the Show trial and Obedience and Working Certificate tests over the same weekend. He was only one of three Labs at the Specialty that qualified for the award. Once again, Bing has proven his all-round capabilities and strengths.

Bing wins BEST GUN DOG at the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada Nathional Specialty show in Fredericton, NB on 19 August 2006!

Bing won Best Gun Dog under Judge: Joyce Love. Check out the pictures under Our Boys - Bing! Bing also made the cut in the Male Specials class earlier that day and the day before at the Atlantic Labrador Retriever Specialty.

Bing completed his Junior Hunter in Charlottetown, PEI on the 12th and 13th of August 2006!

Bing passed his remaining two legs to complete his JH.

Bing wins BEST IN SHOW at the Maple Leaf Kennel Club show on 14 May 2006!

Bing won Best in Show under Judge: Judy Jones. Check out the pictures under Our Boys - Bing!

Bing wins Total Dog at the Maple Leaf Kennel Club show on 14 May 2006!

Because Bing won Best of Breed with competition and, at the same trial, one a qualifying score in Obedience, he qualified for the Total Dog award! Once again proving he is an "all round" Lab!

Bing is awarded the LOC Versatility Award for 2005! He is truly an "all round" Lab!

Versatility Award is a non-competitive award for club members' dogs as determined by the published point scale. The dog must have accomplishments in Show, Obedience and Field/Hunt. Ony 22 other LOC Versatility Certificates have been issued to date!

Bing was runner up for the Mandalwood, Red Dawn and Neville 2005 Trophys from the LOC!

Mandalwood Trophy: For the dog earning its Canadian CD Obedience Title with the highest total of first three qualifying scores.

Red Dawn Trophy: Awarded to the dog who is a show Champion who won its Canadian CD Obedience Title with the highest total of first three qualifying scores.

Neville Trophy: Awarded to the dog with a minimum of a Show Championship, and Obedience degree and a Working Certificate or CM or better in a licensed field trial.

Bing completes his CD title!

See details on his "obedience" page...

Bing receives clearances for hips and elbows!

Bing's Optigen tests came back "Normal/Clear"!

On 20 June 2005, we received Bing's results from his Optigen test. He is Normal/Clear. This means that he can be bred to any bitch and the will produce no puppies affected with the prcd form of PRA (progressive rod-cone degeneration form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy).

Bing passed his Working Certificate test on his first try!

Bing passed his Working Certificate test at the LRCC Working Certificate trial on Thursday 2 June 2005.

Bing was runner-up for both the Wiley and Briggs 2004 trophies from the LOC!

Wiley trophy: for the dog accumulating the most points under the Phillips point system for dogs defeated in conformation shows for Best of Breed wins and up.

Briggs trophy: for the dog accumulating the most points in the puppy class in conformation shows.

Bing was invited as the Labrador Retriever for Canada to the Eukanuba/AKC National Championship Show in Tampa, January 2005!


Sunrise at Grenadier Island

and Sunset...